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Necky Kayak

Necky introduced their first kayak in the mid-1970s. The aim was to create a stable, roomy, comfortable vessel that the average paddler could take out on the ocean or lakes. Today, the innovations are still coming. Seats that provide maximum control without sacrificing comfort. Advanced materials that are significantly stronger, stiffer and lighter than anything else on the market. Necky continues to advance the art of kayaking.

All this while still being made in North America!!!

Manitou II

Incredibly versatile tandem with the feel and glide of a touring boat combined with the stability and comfort of a recreational kayak. Unique dual cockpit with one large opening and one smaller opening comfortably seats two adults plus an additional child or pet. Aft seat can be adjusted for solo paddling.

  • MATERIAL: Polyethylene
  • LENGTH: 14' 8" / 4.5 m
  • WIDTH: 28" / 71.1 cm
  • WEIGHT: 79 lbs / 35.8 kg
  • BOW COCKPIT: 35" x 17" / 88.9 x 43.2 cm
  • STERN COCKPIT: 48.5"x18" / 123.2x45.7 cm
  • STERN HATCH: 16.5" x 10.5" / 41.9 x 26.7 cm
  • STORAGE CAPACITY: 63.5 L / 3880 cu in (rear hatch only)
  • MAX CAPACITY: 425-475 lbs / 192.8-215.5 kg

RIP 12

The Rip 12 expands Neckyís performance heritage to the recreational class. With many of the same features as its smaller sibling, the Rip 12 has nearly two more feet of waterline allowing you to move faster across the water and a sharp keel giving it even more glide. While most recreational kayaks donít include bulkheads and other details that are overlooked to get to an affordable price, the Rip 12 doesnít skimp. Designed to grow with you, the Rip 12 is a great choice if youíre just getting started.

RIP 10

Bringing Necky's performance heritage to the recreational class. The Rip 10 is a lively, playful beginner to intermediate kayak designed to help grow paddling skills without sacrificing fun on the water. Efficient length and a sharp keel give the Rip 10 tremendous glide. A built in drop down skeg makes the Rip both agile and maneuverable, but also a great straight tracking, touring boat as well.

Manitou 14

Retains the stability and comfort of its shorter siblings while helping you advance your paddling skills. With a retractable skeg to improve tracking, it delivers performance that will satisfy even hardcore paddling enthusiasts. You won't outgrow this kayak anytime soon.

Manitou 13

Ultimate versatility. Blending speed, handling and stability, the Maintou 13 gives the feel and glide of a touring kayak with the stability and comfort of a recreational kayak. It features a large cockpit for easy entrance and exit and it is compact and light weight for easy carrying and car-topping.

Manitou Sport

A thoughtfully scaled down rec version of a sea kayak, with a comfortable cockpit opening and a highly efficient hull. Truly bridges the gap between stability and performance, delivering rock solid stability and impressive tracking.